Bathroom Rennovation in Progress…

Sometimes making renovations can be overwhelming. Maybe you don’t have the finances to support a full makeover, or you’re not sure what to renovate, or maybe you are too busy! Whatever the reason… always try to improve upon your biggest investment no matter how small!  I’ve been working on my bathroom for about two years!  The first thing I did was change the paint color to a lighter blue, and a year later I decided I may want to take down the ten-year old shower curtain and outdated towels/bath mats. Recently, I decided to frame the mirror! As a single mother, I definitely do not have a lot of time or extra income.  The small changes I made took very little time and money.  At some point, I will change out the light fixture and possibly paint the cabinets. I assume in the near future I will also change the floor and update the shower!  When it comes time to sell your house, you will be glad you made the changes over time rather than waiting till the last minute. I would much rather enjoy the newness while living in my home!

Less is More!

I have two clients that are in the process of packing up, and moving out!  It’s fun getting their phone calls and hearing very similar details from both people.  They ask me “What am I to do with all my crap??!!”  Do you keep it, get rid of it, sale it, or trash it!?  I always like to advise folks….  Less is more!  We are all are wired differently, but in this modern day, most of us have way too much stuff taking up space, and in return our spaces are cluttered. I read an article that said people who have less clutter have lower stress levels! Maybe because we have less to clean up;).

I am a minimalist by nature, but even I struggle with getting rid of things I have spent money on acquiring.  My advice would be to get rid of item if you are questionting it in the first place or sale it fast (which means putting a reasonable price tag on the item).  My favorite place to sale items are the Facebook online garage sales, because they are located in your community!  When you are moving, the last thing you want in your new home is junk you really don’t need!

Curb Appeal Fun: Part 1

Who doesn’t love a good first impression? I love showing and listing homes that have a great curb appeal, because let’s be honest… Most homes do not!  Landscaping is difficult to most, but let me tell you, it’s important when selling your home!  Below are some images of my front island before and after! I wanted to have color year round so I planted a variety of perennials that will bloom spring to fall.  All the bushes are evergreen (which means they will stay green year-round)! When re-doing an island, always start with your evergreen bushes first, then plant flowering perennials, and finally plant annuals to fill in bare areas. In this article I will cover the evergreen bushes and tree! Here is what I planted:

1. Azeleas: (Back row) intermediate encore azaleas- these are still growing to about 4.5 feet tall, and will bloom in the spring and fall. Some say encore azaleas can bloom during the summer also. Mine are new so we will see if I get flowers in the summer next year! I love encore azaleas because they tolerate more sun than the regular azaleas, and they bloom more often! I chose pink for the back row!

2. Tea olive tree: (back row and to the right of the gutter) – I think everyone should have this tree in their yard because it smells so awesome when blooming! I found out about this tree when visiting Pike’s nursery because I wanted to know what smelled so good? The salesman pointed to a tree about 15 yards away! It blooms small white flowers in the spring and the fall, and will grow to about 9 feet tall. I bought mine as a baby so it is still very small but I saved about $100! This tree will grow pretty fast but will not get huge.

3. Azeleas: (Second row from the back) Dwarf Encore Azalea- Did I mention I love azaleas? These are smaller than the back row but will grow to about 3 feet tall!  I bought baby azaleas, so they are still growing. These azaleas are purple! The first flower appeared just this month, in June, so that’s great news! Flower power!

4. Gardenia: (second row from the back) – I put a gardenia near the walkway because this Evergreen has great smelling white flowers in late spring! Gardenias will sometimes flower in the summer as well. I only planted one Gardenia because the flowers turn brown quick, but they have one of the best smelling flowers out there, and it is very delightful!

5. Abelia Kaleidoscope: (Third row from the back) these are another great Evergreen, that provide great color in the fall with white flowers! These shrubs have grown a ton since I planted them! I may have to put them in the second row if my azaleas do not catch up! However, they turn a beautiful orange in the fall with white smelling flowers.

I’m waiting to see if the Bermuda grass will cover the bare areas where we installed the wall!  It’s not perfect but it’s definitely an improvement!  Never stop improving upon your most expensive investment!

Spring is Here!

Don’t we all just love spring?!  There is something about spring that has us all rushing out to get flowers and making our outdoor space nicer!  My mom and I just finished her yard and what a difference it makes!  Landscaping is hard work, trust me I know, especially since my mom bought 12 tons of Rock to put out around the pool!  The toughest jobs are always the most rewarding! So with all that said…. if you are listing your home, how do you think your yard makes a buyer feel when visiting your property?  Great landscaping can make a lasting first impression of your home!  Plus it’s something most people never take the time to do when selling their home.  Stand out, make that buyer say “Wow, I want to live here!”  Hard work pays off!Never forget hard work always pays off!

The Adkins Team

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